Arcade of Aluminum, a place to find the reflection of perfection in aluminum you crave. Since its inauguration in 2010 Arcade of Aluminum has been catering to the evolving needs of customers through providing high quality products which always meet the international standards. Aluminum industry in Sri Lanka is highly competitive. Over the past five years Arcade of Aluminum was able to please our customers with a superior range of products which aid us to outshine the competition and today Arcade of Aluminum is a leading business trader in the fields of Alumex Aluminum extrusions & accessories.

The company incorporated as a public company in March 2013 under the Company Act No.07 of 2007 gaining the recognition as Arcade of Aluminum (Pvt) Ltd. Being receptive to the rising needs for aluminum products, the company was able to initiate prominent projects with some of the leading construction companies in Sri Lanka. Our paramount goal is to satisfy customers beyond their expectations while adding value to the lives of people. Customers are the most precious assets and the strength of our company. Hence as a company we always attempt our best in meeting their requirements.

To capture the favorable opportunities which may rise in future, Arcade of Aluminum is continuously investing in the fields of technology, knowledge and capabilities. The dedicated workforce of Arcade drives the company towards success day by day. The continuous training sessions and consultants will keep our employees up to date and make them capable of delivering the thriving requirements of the modern aluminium industry. The unparalleled quality we own includes in our products, services and the people who serve those. Hence we believe that the total quality approach will bring us closer to our objectives and goals.

Today Arcade has become a well recognized and leading company in the field of aluminum products. The continuous learning, well trained work force and unparalleled quality lies with the products which assist the company to achieve a higher position over other providers. Our prominent focus would lay always on satisfying customer expectations in this journey towards achieving excellence.


Our vision is to be a company of unquestioned reliability and a provider of aluminium products with unparalleled quality in the region.


Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products which will deliver a superior value to customers, employees, shareholders and the society at large.

Why choose us?

Unparalleled quality

Quality is the driving factor of Arcade. Regular supervision, continuous improvements and the committed staff contribute in engaging an unparalleled quality to our products and services.


The effort of Arcade in meeting customers’ requirements was appreciated by several distinguishes entities. These achievements provide you a third party assurance minimizing risk of the decision.

Professionalism & expertise

Arcade is comprised of a pool of expert personnel who possess diverse experience and maintain high professionalism in the field of aluminium products which distinguish Arcade from respective dealers.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfying customers beyond their expectation is our supreme goal. Therefore we provide the maximum effort in delivering the best solution for their emerging needs with extreme accuracy and superior quality.

We listen

We do listen to our customers. We discuss their plans, problems and objectives prior to advising. Then we select them the best solution.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and always acting responsible in our business affairs, we strive to be a company with unquestioned integrity.

  • Self improvement

    Continuous learning parameters will always assist the company in adapting quickly to the changing environment while achieving the improvements in our business practices.

  • Team work

    We believe that team accomplishment will make us closer to the success of the organization rather than individual achievements. Unity is the strength of Arcade.

  • Leadership

    Leadership is about enhancing and accomplishing. The great leadership of Arcade will aid our company to transform our vision into a reality.

  • Social responsibility

    We are accountable for our own actions and decisions taken. Our achievement will not be on the cost of any other party.